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We Need to be Smart About New Housing

Dear Prince Georgians:

Today we voiced our opposition to CB-050-2023 and also plan to oppose CB-052-2023 when it is heard. Together, these bills will put a two-year moratorium on building townhomes in areas except transit-oriented development locations. This moratorium will eliminate opportunity, negatively impact our local economy, and harm the very people it claims to help.

The County Council also suspended the rules for CB-050-2023, to fast-track implementation of this legislation. Normally, the Council would wait 35-45 days before holding a public hearing, but now a public hearing could be held much sooner. Housing is a complex issue, and this gives very little time for the public and community stakeholders to learn about the legislation and be part of the process. Any time we are debating an issue of this magnitude, we should strive to be as transparent and inclusive of community input as possible, rather than rushing the process.

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